Will GPS navigation work when I don't have cellular service?
Exploride comes with offline mapping capability. You can now save offline maps and use it while driving.
How many cameras does Exploride have?
Exploride has one front-facing IR camera.
Will the Heads-Up Display obstruct my vision while driving?
Since Exploride uses transparent display it will not obstruct your vision and also the size of the display is only 5.5 inches so it gives you comfortable driving experience.
How long does the battery last?
Exploride doesn’t come with an inbuilt battery, however it has a 500 mAh battery which will help the device to boot up instantly and help to hibernate the product while it’s turned off suddenly.
How can I power the Exploride device?
Exploride comes with multi adaptor. You can directly power from your car output.
Can I charge my mobile while using Exploride?
Yes, Exploride comes with a dual USB adaptor so that you will be able to charge your Exploride device along with your mobile phones or your laptop.
How easy is the gesture to use gesture control?
Gesture control is the easiest part of the whole device because it is simple as using your mobile phone in day today life. The four basic gestures that we use for this product UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and one tap gesture. Double tap will help to exit the menu and go to home page.
Will the GPS function in Europe or other foreign roads?
How do I contact someone on the Exploride team?
You can contact via e-mail and we will respond within 48 hours. Our email id is
What is the cancellation/refund policy?
You can cancel your order for a full refund anytime before your order ships. We do not offer a “trial�? period once the product has been delivered.
How can I cancel my order?
To do this, please contact our support team: Provide them with your order number and cancellation request and they will process your cancellation.
How does the voice control work?
Exploride’s voice control works with integrating Siri and Google Now. If you are an Android user, you can use Google Now for voice interaction. If you are an Apple user, you can use Siri for voice interaction.
What apps does Exploride support?
It will support all application which is approved by Exploride. We thoroughly inspect each and every application which will be released for driver’s protection.
How is Exploride installed?
Exploride comes with a semi adhesive suction pad which will stick to any dashboard regardless of the size and shape. You can lock the Exploride into the pad’s rail. The interlocking technology of Exploride helps to stay firm on any dashboard. It will take less than 30 seconds to install Exploride to any car.
How does Exploride communicate with my car?
The OBD adaptor helps to send vital information’s of your car to Exploride using BLE technology, thus keep you updated of your car’s health.
When will pre-orders ship?
Based on our current development and production forecast, our release timeline is Q3 (September) of 2017. If this changes you will be informed immediately, whether the date is closer or further away.
How does Exploride communicate with my phone?
Exploride communicates via Bluetooth 4.0/LE technology to your smartphone.
Can Exploride’s software be updated?
Yes you can update the device over the air.
What are Exploride’s tech specs?
Quad core processor
Ambient light sensors
Dual USB charger
Electronic Compass
OBDII Adaptor
Micro USB port
Inbuilt speakers
Inbuilt noise-cancellation microphone
16 GB Internal Storage
5.5 Inch transparent display
How do I interact with Exploride?
You can interact with Exploride using simple gesture controls and voice controls. You can also control it via mobile app (We support Android & iOS)
How is Exploride powered?
Exploride has a mini USB port which can be powered using car power outlet.
What’s your warranty policy?
Exploride comes with limited warranty of one year starting from the date of delivery. Limited warranty only covers products defects cause by manufacturing defect.
Do the GPS maps stay on the display all the time?
You can set GPS as your home page using Exploride App.
What is the warranty for International buyers?
The warranty is same for international and domestic buyers.
Does it comes with inbuilt memory?
Yes, Exploride comes with inbuilt 16GB memory and 1GB limited cloud space.
Can I extend memory?
Can it handle multiple apps at same time?
Yes. Exploride comes with Quad core process which is capable of handling multiple applications at the same time.
Can I use Exploride internationally? Will it support my carrier?
Exploride supports GSM/LTE and works with any GSM carriers that operates under the frequency band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
Is it compatible with Android and iPhone?
Yes. Exploride is compatible with Android and iPhone.
Does it come with inbuilt battery?
Exploride now comes with an inbuilt battery which will help to hibernate the product. The current battery systems give around 2-5 minutes of backup. This technology helps surge protect Exploride.
Can I get real time traffic updates?
Yes. Exploride has partnered with an organization that is providing solutions for same maps and traffic used by leading automotive companies such as Audi, BMW, and Daimler. Exploride maps will provide turn by turn direction and traffic updates.
Will Exploride support offline mapping?
Yes, Exploride will support offline mapping and turn by turn navigation. Users can now choose which maps to install or delete. We offer navigation in over 80 countries, and the divisions are either state-based or local administrative. E.g. in USA, users can choose to download by Region (east Coast), State (California), or the entire country.
Can I save my navigation history?
Yes. We now support Recent Lists and Favorites.
Do you read only the OBD II obligatory data or also the OEM proprietary data?
Exploride OBD device can only read OBD II standard data right now.
Can I buy the OBD II separately?
At present, we are not selling OBD II Adaptors separately. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more info.
What kind of data can I get from the Exploride OBD Rideboard (Dashboard)
Exploride Rideboard will give you a complete insight of your trips, mileage, fuel cost, hard acceleration and driving patterns. You can sort your trips by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
Can I import all data?
Yes, you can import all the data into a CSV file or share via Exploride cloud account.
Why should I care about the Rideboard?
Exploride Rideboard lets you manage and view a lot of stuff. It helps to understand better about your driving patterns. You can share your trips or analyse your driving behaviour. You can use it to get a tax discount or use the data while selling your car. The Rideboard data is read-only and it helps the buyer to understand better about the way you have used your car. You can even use this data to get a personalized insurance plan. (We are not supporting any insurance agency right now. Do subscribe to our newsletter and we will update our progress on that)